SLT 1200 Series

Backup generator (Hybrid Series) available


The SLT™1200 has 2 sub models: The 1200-HVR-N and 1200-HVR-S. This series is best suited for the heaviest lighting applications (longest duration lighting hours of use and for more challenging solar areas or times of the year). To expand power generation capabilities even more, there is also an optional wind generator to allow the unit to recharge even at night and during bad weather days or, The Hybrid-Ready Option which adds a 3kw gas generator. There is even a rapid dual-bank AC battery charger (for backup) should the need ever arise. This series is designed to enable bright LED lighting on-demand, even if your lighting needs are up to dusk-to-dawn, 7 days per week. No expensive diesel fuel, maintenance or the associated, emissions, noise or fumes. Just great light, silence and clean air!

• No Noise or Diesel Smell – Just Great Light, Complete Silence and Fresh Air! • No Diesel Fuel Required – Eliminates Expensive Fuel Costs & Time Consuming Trips

• No Limits – Built for Light-On-Demand for Applications Requiring a Durable Solution • No Engine Maintenance – Convenient, Saves Time & Money

• No Frequent Light Bulb Changes – LED Lights Last up to 5x Longer than Metal Halide

• No Fossil Fuels (Carbon Dioxide) – Just Free, Renewable Energy From The Sun!

• No Financial Downside – Competitive Price – Significantly Reduced Operating Cost